34 Dodge

40 Woody

48 Chevy


At F.H.Ellis we like to strip all bodywork to be refinished back to bare metal. this is essential for two main reasons; firstly to ensure that there is no rust or poor previous repairs to come back and cause a problem at a later date, and secondly it is not possible to carry out the correct procedure for refinishing, over old layers of paint. After the vehicle has been stripped of all the old paint and all metalwork has been carried out, all bare metal is treated with a phosphoric acid based product, this etches into the steel and leaves it chemically clean. All treated areas are then painted with an epoxy primer. This is a process that is often overlooked, but we feel this is the most important stage of refinishing as this is the surface that all subsequent layers of paint adhere to. All paints and primers are two pack acrylic enamels, these are proven to be the most durable of all automotive paint finishes. All finishes are block sanded and then polished to a mirror finish, eliminating the "orange peel effect" often associated with these paints. all vehicles undergo an extensive rust prevention program, ensuring against future corrosion.

32 Roadster

We feel that it is not just the paint finish that is important but the attention to detail like panel alignment, door gaps and correct body lines. we cover all types of paintwork from straight colours and metallics to pearlescents, candies and metalflakes.

AC Aceca Merc 190SL